Refuting Father James Martin

By Jon Paul Fabrizio and Joseph Pinho, 11th grade In our times, evil people are constantly spreading heinous errors throughout the world in an attempt to destroy Christianity. In the past, the Catholic Church would unite to condemn the errors which afflicted the world. By remaining undivided, the Church would regularly triumph against such malicious…Continue reading Refuting Father James Martin

Academy Students Remember Flight 93

by Matthew Johnson, 12th grade Monday, September 8th,  roughly a dozen students of St Louis de Montfort Academy attended a talk hosted by the Susquehanna Valley Conservative Group. The featured speaker was Mr. Alexander Riley, a sociologist at nearby Bucknell University. Mr. Riley wrote a book, titled Angel Patriots, about the heroes of Flight 93,…Continue reading Academy Students Remember Flight 93

The Spirit of Praesto Sum

By Karol Jones, 11th Grade From the 8:20 a.m. inspection, to the 6:15 p.m. Rosary, to the 8:30 p.m. night prayers, the Latin phrase Praesto Sum is used by the students of the St. Louis De Montfort Academy. The Bible origins of Praesto Sum is the prophet Samuel, who answered the call of God with…Continue reading The Spirit of Praesto Sum

The Truth of the Catholic Church

By John Wagner, 9th Grade   “Did Jesus Christ deliberately found a visibly organized church?” Jesus Christ certainly founded a visibly organized church, the Catholic Church. Christ shows his care in the future of his mystical body, the Church, by choosing the men who would be faithful followers and do His will. Jesus chose Peter, the…Continue reading The Truth of the Catholic Church