Corrupting and Destructive Socialism

by John Wagner 10th Grade


When a government abandons ruling for the people and a Christian society and turns to socialism, they unavoidably light the fuse for the abolishment of peace, order, and hierarchy. As the flame is brought to the fuse, they proclaim the glories of the working class as a crooked salesman sells a broken car. Their ideas tantalize their listeners, hearing without understanding due to their “Salesman’s” tact and grace in portraying socialism. The fuse willingly takes the fire and begins its straight trail to the end. With blind excitement and a newfound willingness to serve without gain, for the good of their fellow man, officials, townsfolk, and commoners bend to their hands and knees on the same level to bring about a working-man’s utopia. As the government looks down upon the society from a throne cast from the steel mold patented by Marx himself, they find themselves grow higher and their peers shrink into mere tools of the state.


As the wick comes halfway across the fuse, the people who lit the path of socialism become uneasy and the more perceptive ones can see the gunpowder at the finish line. Peace disappears, soon the workers of the state become a singular machine controlled by one uncaring master. Revolts at intervals splash a few drops of water on the fuse-rope but this action does nothing but slow down the spark and make a bit of noise.


The blackened trail is quite apparent at this point of the path of socialism and one questions how much there may be left of the fuse. Once peace is out of the bland red painting of socialism, order is the next blemish to be wiped of the canvas. What little order is left is not Catholic order, but something similar to the routine of a dog; work, eat, work, sleep, etc. all for the imposition of a false ideal. At this point the differences between man and beast are almost imperceptible within the matured socialist nation. This destruction of soul makes for an almost inhuman environment. The natural classes of people are crushed down to a level plain, equalizing the worker with the master.


With only a bit of twine between the powder and the fire, the only action that can save such a state from socialism is to cut the fuse with a return to Christian order. A transformation of souls and a restoration of good order is what can bring about a society revolving around God, not a dictator. Peace comes from order, which comes from hierarchy. Take one of these out of the equation and a swift disintegration is imminent. Thus, the true answer for a perfect society is one that is ruled by God’s laws and one that rules each class of people in such a manner as is due to them. Peace and order will flourish with the graces that flow from such a society. It is therefore apparent that socialism is not an answer, but the suicide of a nation.