An Update on the Cafe San Jose


Dear Friends,

The Cafe San Jose Project is going ahead, albeit a little slower now due to the colder weather and constant rain. Although it has been slow going, much progress has been made. We actually have four walls and a roof and there is a staircase to the basement. The insulation isn’t in yet and there is much progress to be made but the big hurdles are behind us. We would like to thank all those that have been praying for us and this project and who have generously donated toward the Cafe San Jose.




As a thank-you for your contribution, a remembrance plaque with the names of those who donate over $100 will be placed inside of the cafe. Plus a book with names of every donor will be placed in there too. And to top it off, we promise our prayers every time we enter there!

Confident of your support, the Class of 2018 thanks you in advance for your generous assistance.



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