Dear Friends,

At the St. Louis de Montfort Academy, we love tradition and thus offer different guilds in order to pass on that love of tradition to the young men that attend our school. Also, as an institution that always seeks perfection in everything, we would like to expand our current list of guilds to include blacksmithing, one of the most traditional forms of craft known to man.

To support our efforts with blacksmithing, go here.

However, keeping a fully operational forge running is very taxing. Fortunately, we have many willing and helpful hands to make sure red-hot iron is pounded with a hammer. The only thing lacking is the funds to keep the guild going.

We already have an anvil and the basic tools to start forging but much is still lacking. We do not have a bellows yet, or a completed forge. There is so much that we could do if we only had the means.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in helping spread the love of traditional crafts, please donate to our forge by going here or spread the word! Every little bit helps.

All we need is a roof, a fire, and some hammers. We hope you can help.



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