How the Academy Has Affected Me

By Nicholas Pinho, 11th Grade

Saint Louis de Montfort Academy has affected my life in many different and very important ways. The most important way that the Academy has affected my life is helping me to have a strong and devout relationship to Our Lady. Having a strong devotion to Our Lady leads to a fervent desire to reach Heaven, the ultimate reward that one can possibly hope for here on earth. Another way in which the Academy has affected my life is by teaching me what it takes to become a good man, and the responsibility that comes with becoming a man of good morals in this day and age. The discipline of the staff at the Academy has certainly helped me to increase my sense of responsibility in almost everything. With the help of Our Lady, Saint Louis de Montfort Academy has been able to affect my life in a very positive and influential manner.

As a first year student, I have made many friends among the young men here at the Academy. It is very nice and pleasing to go to the same classes with the gentlemen who live at the Academy with me. Of all my seven interesting classes I am taking at the Academy this year, my favorite class is probably Algebra II. My math teacher is not only a very intelligent and humorous man, but is also a good role model to me and some other young men of the Academy. If I was to be asked if I would you recommend the Academy to every high school boy, I would most definitely respond yes. I think that Saint Louis de Montfort Academy is a very helpful and good way to prepare young men like myself to prepare for manhood, but most importantly, for the eternal reward of salvation in Heaven.