The Joy of Camping

By Luke Noble, 11th grade One might ask why people would give up the comforts of life, such as sleeping in a soft bed in a warm room, without any disturbing night time noises, or being able to easily cook food and get water. Why would people walk several miles carrying heavy packs and sleep…Continue reading The Joy of Camping

Fighting Blasphemy in Canada

by John Wagner, 11th grade Six students from Saint Louis de Montfort Academy journeyed to Canada to uphold the second Commandment by defending Our Lord’s most sacred Name. Leaflets with the bold title: “Only Jesus gets no respect?” were distributed to hundreds of Canadians during the trip. It started at the Ottawa March for Life…Continue reading Fighting Blasphemy in Canada

Hiking the Valley of Ice

by John S. Wagner, 11th grade On the cold morning of January twenty-second, seven intrepid climbers departed to hike up the frozen valley basin of Ricketts Glen. Prepared with ice axes, poles, ropes, and crampons, we began the journey along a stream. The muffled sound of the creek under a thick blanket of ice accompanied us…Continue reading Hiking the Valley of Ice