Parent Testimonials

Thank you for the growth, discipline, and environment you provided for my son during his time at the Academy. You gave him what we could not give him. I cannot articulate in words my gratitude to you. If you could read hearts, you would understand my thankfulness to you, the teachers, and the school. I hope that someday God will permit you the grace to see the impact you have made in the lives of young men and families.

Daniel is a disciplined young man. He is making good decisions and modeling moral behavior among his peer group and at his activities. He will live at home and major in mechanical engineer at a college in Memphis. He had not a final decision yet on which college.

He makes me laugh sometimes when he talks about food. I have become a better cook because I am trying to live up to the Academy standards for food. I do not think I will ever reach them. Daniel cooks a lot and enjoys telling us about the Academy food preparation.

My words do not do justice to what am I trying to express. Thank you. May God inspire you to continue to do His work.

Terri Cook


Congratulations on 15 years of dedicated service to Our Lady through the education of Catholic young men.

I can personally attest to the benefits my son, and therefore my entire family, has received from the Academy. Having been home-schooled until he was 12, my son Zechariah was eager to meet new friends and learn new things. Being the second oldest of 11 children, his education up to that point was “sketchy” at best. I, as his teacher, held my breath when he took his entrance exam. It was with the greatest of charity that Mr. Byron Whitcraft revealed the results to me. Let’s just say I was humbled. Zack was allowed to attend the Academy not due to scholastic merit, but solely because of his desire to learn and the teachers’ willingness to work (and I do mean “work”!) with him. Thanks to their selfless dedication, my son is now in the 11th grade and getting 90’s; last quarter, he even got 100% in religion!

The above only attests to the academics. I could fill volumes elaborating on the many ways my son’s character has been formed by the gentlemen at the Academy. I believe the example of charity, patience and manliness they set is the best education of all. Most importantly, my son is learning how to be a Catholic man with a true devotion to the Mother of God. As a result, his greatest desire is to serve the Catholic Church in whatever capacity Our Lady asks him to. What more could a mother–or father–ask for?”

Tonia Mary Long


Having three sons that have attended that Academy, I base my opinion of St. Louis de Montfort Academy on the exceptional persons they have become. The opportunities afforded the students can not be matched. The staff , from maintenance to teachers instill that militant Catholic spirit that the youth of America need so very much today. May Our Lady continue their great success.”

Clay A. Womack

United States Army, Retired


Words cannot adequately express my respect and admiration for the staff and students of St. Louis de Montfort Academy. My two sons attended the school in Pennsylvania during which time we lived in Connecticut. I never thought I could send my sons to a boarding school so far away, but as providence works, it was one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made.

The scholastic and religious education is exemplary. They have wonderful recreation time that boys love such as canoeing, sledding, ice skating, hiking in the mountains and visiting Catholic shrines.

They are nurtured and introduced to fine manners and etiquette in their everyday life and shown by example what a true gentlemen should be. Love and devotion to our Blessed Mother is part of their day beginning with Mass and the holy rosary.

I highly recommend St. Louis de Montfort Academy for your son. It’s an experience they will take with them for a lifetime. Your son will come back and thank you for those years as mine has done.

May our Lady bless you,”

Patricia Bascom


St. Louis de Montfort Academy was founded as a nonprofit academic institution driven by the Catholic aspiration to educate young men in a sweet, strict Catholic environment for the formation of youth in a secular society.

While it is not hard to locate and find in today’s society centers of good academic learning, few can offer youth a decent institution where good morals can flourish and be cherished. It is always good moral guidance that forms students of good character. Without this Catholic formation, youth are mere robots.

The Academy’s difference is that it is driven by a desire to excel because it is the right thing to do and not driven by profit. The teachers are members of the TFP in good standing and do not receive a salary. The school also offers a liberal teacher-student ratio. I am so impressed by it that I sent my oldest son there in the school’s earlier years, later to be followed by my youngest son two years ago.

By the way, I am a proud father of six and I made the right choice sending my two boys where they belonged, consequently contributing to their being better members of the society.”

Steve Lee


My wife and I have had the honor of all five of our sons attend St. Louis de Montfort Academy. Our youngest, Anthony is attending now.

My wife and I have told each and every one of our sons that we can’t think of any better place for them on this earth.

Some schools emphasize academics, others piety. St. Louis de Montfort Academy, besides promoting academics and a manly piety also promotes chivalry. Chivalry is almost an entirely lost way of life. Regrettably, it is rarely seen in this day and age. Fortunately, it is common at St. Louis de Montfort Academy.

An essential component to chivalry is to love and defend the Church. These young men become filled with this love and willingness to sacrifice for the Church.

They do have a serious academic program as well as the opportunity for daily Mass, public rosary etc. all of which provides these fortunate students the opportunity to become real Catholic men, not brutes on the one hand, nor Milquetoast toasts on the other.

It is amazing to hear adults, men and women both comment on the tremendous courtesy shown by Academy students. Wherever they travel to on outings I hear stories of the warm and deserving compliments that these young men receive.

This can all be credited to Our Lady, to the intercession of St. Louis de Montfort and to the incredibly dedicated staff who give their all for the Catholic formation of these young men.

God bless St. Louis de Montfort Academy!”

Francis and Cathy Slobodnik