Celebrating 20 Years of the Academy

First Responders Open House and Alumni Dinner

by 11th Grade

On Saturday, September 19, 2015, the St. Louis de Montfort Academy held an open house to honor the local first responders.  These men put their lives on the line daily for the public’s safety.  Among the distinguished guests were members of the Herndon Volunteer Fire Department and the Northumberland Fire Department.  A barbeque luncheon was prepared by several Academy staff and students.  After all had enjoyed the delightful meal, the band played memorable tunes such as God Bless America and a medley of American military marches.  All the guests left satisfied in body and soul.

After the open house, the students began to prepare for the Alumni Dinner, commemorating twenty years of the Academy’s serving to Our Lady. The evening began with a presentation of the history of the Academy and a slideshow of students and activities throughout the years.  This was followed by chanting an hour of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Together with lively conversation, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres ensued in the intermission before a delectable dinner.  There were smoked pork tenderloin, asparagus wrapped in bacon, and an amazing Caesar salad, served with wine or soda.  Those present shared memories of the Academy over the years and caught up with old classmates.

The evening was topped off with champagne, chocolates and a souvenir and more conversation.  All the alumni were given mementos: medallions, made in the school guild hall, with the St. Louis de Montfort Academy seal.  Some continued conversing while other students and alumni began to play classic Academy games such as Hearts, Krinkie, and the ever-famous Bang!  These have been favorites throughout all the Academy’s twenty years.

The night came to an end too soon, with old friends bidding each other farewell. Exhausted from the busy preparations, current students and staff were very happy to have been able to perform another small service to Our Lady.