Scholarship Policy

St. Louis de Montfort Academy, Inc. Scholarship Policy


1. Policy Statement

St. Louis de Montfort Academy, Inc. (the “Academy”) is committed to providing boys with a Marian formation and a solid academic foundation where Catholic culture and civilization are emphasized, regardless of the parents’ ability to pay the tuition. To this end the Academy sets aside and solicits tax-exempt contributions to provide scholarships covering the Academy tuition, fees, room and board of approved scholarship recipients. Scholarships are not given for a student’s medical, clothing, or pocket expenditures. Scholarship fund contributions earmarked by the donor for any particular student or scholarship candidate will not be accepted.

Scholarship applications will be evaluated and ruled upon by the Academy’s Scholarship Committee.


2. Nondiscrimination policy

No boy will be denied a scholarship on the basis of race, color, nationality, ethnicity, or disability.


3. Class of eligible recipients and limitations

All practicing Roman Catholic boys entering grades 7 — 12 are eligible to receive a St. Louis de Montfort Academy scholarship, subject to the following limitations:


a) the availability of St. Louis de Montfort Academy scholarship funds;

b) candidate must pass any faculty — determined entrance examinations;

c) candidate must pass the faculty evaluation as to his devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and his disposition to improve the same;

d) candidate must pass the faculty evaluation of his affinity and support for the goals and activities of the organization from which the Academy staff is drawn, namely, The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property — TFP;

e) the candidate’s parents or guardian must meet the scholarship committee’s criteria for “financial need;”

f) the candidate’s parents must not be contributors (past or present) to the Academy’s scholarship fund;

g) the candidate and his parents must not have any direct or indirect business relationship with or be a family relative of any individual who is or was:


* a director, officer, or faculty member of St. Louis de Montfort Academy, Inc., or,

* a director or officer of the Foundation for a Christian Civilization, Inc., or,

* a member of the Academy Scholarship Committee.


h) approved recipient’s exemplary observance throughout the school year of the Academy’s rules of good conduct;

4. Scholarship applications

Scholarship applications will be promptly reviewed and a decision made by the Scholarship Committee based on all the facts and circumstances. Scholarships may cover the tuition in full or in part as determined by the Committee.

Scholarships are for one school year only. Parents can reapply for a scholarship in subsequent years.


5. Confidentiality

Scholarship applications any other information requested or submitted in conjunction with a scholarship application, and all written and other information obtained by the Academy in connection with the scholarship application, its review, and the decision made by the Committee will be held in the strictest confidence.


6. Approved recipients

The Academy Scholarship Committee will promptly inform the parents of scholarship recipients that a scholarship has been approved.


7. Scholarship cancellation for non-acceptance

Scholarships that are not accepted by parents within one week of the above communication are subject to cancellation by the Committee. When a scholarship is cancelled for non-acceptance, parents may not reapply for a scholarship.