The Academy’s Firefighter and First Responder Open House

by An (Andrew) K. Tran 9th Grade

The St. Louis de Monfort Academy will be having its annual Firefighter and First Responder Open House on April 5, 2014. This is when the Academy invites firefighters of the local area to come to the School with their fire trucks and equipment. The Academy does this to show its appreciation for what the firemen do for the welfare of society. So, after they arrive, the firefighters show their equipment like a lengthy hose, which they use to put out fires. In addition, they explain how they use their suits when they go into burning buildings. Then they let students actually try on the suits in order to feel how it is to be a fireman. Next, the students in the suits have a relay race, running with all the heavy equipment on them. After the students finish the race, they are exhausted, but they enjoy doing it because it is not an everyday experience for one to wear a fireman suit. Not long after this race, the Academy invites the firemen to come eat barbecue with them under a huge white tent. At the barbecue they serve, delicious pork chops, sizzling hamburgers, and tasty mash potatoes. During the barbecue, students have pleasant conversations with the firefighters. After the barbecue, a band presentation by the students is held. The students play marching band instruments like drums, trumpets, bagpipes, and fifes. During the band presentation, students play songs like the “Marine’s Hymn”, “Anchors Aweigh”, and “God Bless America.” After the presentation, the firefighters thank the students for the great band performance. Finally, to conclude the open house, the first responders thank the entire Academy for a good and enjoyable time, and then they leave the property on their fire trucks with their sirens on.


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