St. Aloysius Gonzaga, a Good Role Model for Students      

St. Aloysius Gonzaga is a good role model for all students. From early childhood, St. Aloysius always said both his morning and night prayers. At four years of age, his father sent him to be with his friend’s soldiers. While with the soldiers, St. Aloysius picked up some vulgar language common among them. When his tutor made him realize that such language was both vulgar and blasphemous, St. Aloysius had so much sorrow and shame that he never ceased to lament what he had done. When he was only seven years old, St. Aloysius recited the Office of Our Lady and the seven penitential psalms. He said these prayers on his knees without a cushion while he had malaria, which lasted over a year. This saint had a great devotion to Our Lady. As a result, he kept a little book of the mysteries of the Rosary to help him pray devoutly to her. In addition to prayer, St. Aloysius never looked at immoral women because they could cause him to sin. 006GonzagaAlso, in order to overcome the desires of the flesh, he would scourged himself with a dog whip. Furthermore, when he was eighteen, he fasted three days a week on bread and water, and he rose daily at midnight to pray on the floor. Moreover, when he was in a Jesuit novitiate, he begged to be allowed to serve in the kitchen, to wash the dishes, and to do the most menial tasks. St. Aloysius, who was from a noble family, wanted to do this because he knew that he would obtain many graces, and he desired to be humble. Finally, St. Aloysius was taking care of victims of a terrible plague in Rome by washing their feet and making their beds. Yet, he knew that one could die from this disease. Truly, St. Aloysius is a good model for all students because he lead a prayerful life, overcame his weaknesses, and did arduous tasks that helps one gain graces.