An Uphill Battle

By Ross Deventer, 9th Grade

It was a beautiful Sunday at the Academy. The weather was warm and sunny- a great day for an impromptu hike! Following Mass and brunch, we piled into the Academy bus and headed to the foot of our trail. As the last man jumped out, the bus rolled away, leaving us to face the five mile hike up the mountain.

Led by Mr. Jonathan Marin, we started our ascent. The sound of singing mingled with the crickets accompanied our trek to the top. Unbeknownst to us, Mr. James Slobodnik parked the bus on the other side of the trail and started the ascent with a surprise in his pack. The going was smooth, though there were many steep hills to conquer. At the top, an amazing view and cool breezes awaited our presence. Shortly after our arrival at the top, a band of three daring Academy students with energy to burn sprinted half way down the other side and relieved Mr. James of his burden.

The trio marched back up and lightened hearts with delicious homemade meatballs. After our feast, we jogged down the steep inclines of the other side, jumped on the bus, and drove away with spirits heightened!