New School Building

On August 22nd, Saint Louis de Montfort Academy opened its doors for the 2012-2013 school year with several improvements and the inauguration of a newly constructed classroom building dedicated to Our Lady of Good Success. The opening ceremony was overseen by the renowned EWTN host Father John Trigilio. In his inspiring speech, Father declared that the improvements would help the Academy’s effort to form the next generation of “Catholic men.” “This school,” he continued, “is a perfect correspondence of faith and reason. The modern world is desperate for practicing Catholics to defend our Holy Faith in our increasingly materialistic world.” He also thanked the donors and laborers for making it possible. Following his eloquent speech, Father did the honors of cutting the ribbon. A few prayers were said on the porch and then each room inside was blessed with holy water. Refreshments ensued for all those who gathered, anxiously waiting to see the completed project. This brand new school building has the sole purpose of providing more appropriate and distinguished classrooms.


In the main building, which formerly provided both the classrooms and boarding rooms, old classrooms have been transformed, principally, into bedrooms and bathrooms for the expanded capacity of newly accepted students from across America and around the world. The reason for separate buildings is very simple: Saint John Bosco taught that there is a time and a place for everything. When studying, study hard; when playing, play hard; above all, when praying, pray hard. In this way, everything is done well. The separation of building functions favors this end. The most important upgrade, though, was a new chapel. With the increasing enrollment, the previous chapel seemed to shrink each year and it was time for an upgrade. The new Chapel is now three times wider and longer with a new wooden floor. Because this is where the King of Kings visits, it is important that it be the best room of all. Following Father Trigilio’s good advice, the current and future students should recognize how much is owed to those who made this work possible. On behalf of all the students, I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart. May Our Lady bless all your undertakings