Student Essays

The Power of Prayer

by An (Andrew) K. Tran,  10th Grade

In today’s world, Christians in the Middle East are suffering fierce attacks from Islamic terrorists. They pray and cry to God daily to assist them in defeating the Crescent and triumphing… Continue reading

Why “Like”?

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by Marc Gagnier 10th grade

In our modern day and age, proper language and culture have tended to decline or even become obsolete. Texting, e-mail, and other types of social networking have replaced… Continue reading

True Conservative Gentlemen

by Melvin Siebenmorgen 11th grade

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As everyone realizes, the liberal media can’t really be trusted. Yet, what about the conservative media? And do conservative organizations such as CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) really… Continue reading

The Angelic Virtue

“Renounce marriage, and imitate the angels,” said St. John of Damascus. This is an immense compliment for the virtue of virginity. St. John, of course, is not suggesting that marriage is an evil, but is simply saying that virginity is higher than marriage on the supernatural scale. It is much more pleasing to God when a person remains celibate rather than getting married.

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