Dear Friends,

This year of 2020 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Academy with classes starting in November of 1995.

By the grace of Our Lady, we have grown from fifteen students to thirty-six. At that time we had classes and lodging in the main building, while in 2012 the new school building, dedicated to Our Lady of Good Success, was inaugurated. In that same year the chapel was expanded to accommodate forty.

In the following years we completed the St. John Bosco band room, remodeled the refectory, and last year completed the upper part of a storage barn to house the Café San Jose.

Even with all the improvements and expansions, we are feeling the pinch. We now have five storage sheds and the basement of the barn is full of stored furniture and all types of material.

The only solution is to expand further.


The property next door is being auctioned on January 25, 2020. Would you be able to help?

The Academy would be able to add 5 acres and several thousand square feet of building space if successful. We estimate the final price to fall between $120,000 and $200,000. 535 Swepps Rd, Herndon, PA, 17930, is the address if you want to look at it.

Please donate whatever you can to this fundraiser.





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