True Conservative Gentlemen

by Melvin Siebenmorgen 11th grade As everyone realizes, the liberal media can’t really be trusted. Yet, what about the conservative media? And do conservative organizations such as CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) really portray accurately the morals, values and political positions of Catholics and conservatives? Sadly, the answer is a blatant and resounding “no. ” […]

St. Aloysius Gonzaga, a Good Role Model for Students      

St. Aloysius Gonzaga is a good role model for all students. From early childhood, St. Aloysius always said both his morning and night prayers. At four years of age, his father sent him to be with his friend’s soldiers. While with the soldiers, St. Aloysius picked up some vulgar language common among them. When his […]

Considerations on the Words of Our Patron St. Louis de Montfort

By Evan Olwell 12th grade      St. Louis de Montfort encouraged a group of Catholics 300 years ago who called themselves, “The Friends of the Cross.” These Catholics courageously opposed the laxity and heresy of their time. They were composed of lay people who had a desire to live for something greater than themselves. They […]

The True Spirit of Heroism

by Mst. Marc Gagnier 9th Grade The real meaning of heroism is misunderstood today. Many people these days, when thinking about a “hero” imagine some movie celebrity or rock-star. However, those are examples of fake heroism. A hero in the true sense is one who practices heroic virtue for God. In our day and age, […]

The Angelic Virtue

“Renounce marriage, and imitate the angels,” said St. John of Damascus. This is an immense compliment for the virtue of virginity. St. John, of course, is not suggesting that marriage is an evil, but is simply saying that virginity is higher than marriage on the supernatural scale. It is much more pleasing to God when […]

The Evening Parade

Few experiences have impressed me more than when I saw the “Evening Parade” at the Marine Barracks in Washington, D.C. First, I was impressed with the sharp uniform of the Marines. Each Marine had a white military hat with a black visor, adorned with the insignia of the Marine Corps, a golden eagle, globe, and […]

Garcia Moreno: A Catholic President

Gabriel Garcia Moreno led the Republic of Ecuador in the middle of the nineteenth century. During his life, he worked to better his country and for the defense of its Catholic Faith. By his heroic and patriotic efforts, he restored order to Ecuador, strengthened the Catholic Church’s position there, and made the country once again […]

To Be or Not to Be Monarchist? That is the Question!

The idea of being governed by a monarchy causes diverse sentiments in the people of this day. Some people have the idea that monarchies are tyrannical and oppressive of the common people. Much to the contrary, monarchies have shown to be the most effective and stable forms of government. Like a father that protects and […]