Fighting the Waves

By Marc Gagnier, 9th Grade   It was a cool, windy day in May and the Academy had gone on a field trip to St. Clement’s Island in the Chesapeake Bay. It was an especially windy day, and the water was pretty rough. To get to the Island, one had to take a canoe or […]

New School Building

school year with several improvements and the inauguration of a newly constructed classroom building dedicated to Our Lady of Good Success.

Another Victory for Our Lady

On October 13, 2012, the students and staff of St. Louis de Monfort Academy headed to pray at two of the nine thousand Rosary rallies held across the nation

The Past Made Alive

On August 25, we headed north to Elmira, New York, to watch a reenactment of a Revolutionary War battle, Newtown. Among the trees and hills that covered the scene of the actual battle,

Longwood Gardens

Over the Thanksgiving break St. Louis de Montfort Academy organized a trip to Longwood Gardens. Even though it was somewhat cold, the gardens were very beautifully arranged.

The Angelic Virtue

“Renounce marriage, and imitate the angels,” said St. John of Damascus. This is an immense compliment for the virtue of virginity. St. John, of course, is not suggesting that marriage is an evil, but is simply saying that virginity is higher than marriage on the supernatural scale. It is much more pleasing to God when […]

The Evening Parade

Few experiences have impressed me more than when I saw the “Evening Parade” at the Marine Barracks in Washington, D.C. First, I was impressed with the sharp uniform of the Marines. Each Marine had a white military hat with a black visor, adorned with the insignia of the Marine Corps, a golden eagle, globe, and […]

Garcia Moreno: A Catholic President

Gabriel Garcia Moreno led the Republic of Ecuador in the middle of the nineteenth century. During his life, he worked to better his country and for the defense of its Catholic Faith. By his heroic and patriotic efforts, he restored order to Ecuador, strengthened the Catholic Church’s position there, and made the country once again […]