Reflections on the 2020 March for Life

by Daniel Slobodnik, 10th grade

“Abortion is a woman’s right!” is a common slogan of today’s pro-abortion movement. 

However, abortion is not a right and it does not have anything to do with rights. The 2020 March for Life clearly showed this. Women cry that they have no rights, but what about the screams of the 60 million aborted babies in America aborted since  Roe v. Wade? What about the rights of God? The Catechism tells us that the purpose of life “is to know, love and serve God.” When an unborn baby is aborted, a part of God’s creation is irremediably lost. Who knows what that child may have done if he had lived. Would he have become a great statesman or soldier? Would he have become a priest of God? The fact that part of God’s plan is destroyed is the greatest evil of abortion. 

When one considers the Women’s March, and sees that it has been going on for three years and then compares it to the March for Life, now in its 47th year, what are the impressions? Why has the Women’s March only been around for three years? Do the supporters of the Women’s March really care about women’s rights? Of course not! The rights of women are a convenient ideal for a revolution against God to be pushed. 

When abortion was legalized in 1973, there was a March for Life. In 2020, now 47 years later, there was a March for Life. Whether it was only a few dozen marchers in 1973 or this year’s massive army of several hundred thousand, they all marched with the same spirit of reparation for the horrendous sin of abortion. Until Roe v. Wade is overturned, there will be a March for Life. And what about the Women’s March? It’s very continuation was in doubt this year. Less than 10,000 pro-choice, satanic and anarchical feminists participated this year. And the March for Life? The biggest March for Life ever with 700,000 participants dwarfs the Women’s March many times over. 

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition Family and Property (TFP)  has participated in the March for Life ever since the beginning, and it’s St. Louis de Montfort Academy has since it’s creation in 1995. As long as abortion is legal these institutions will participate in the March for Life and they will until abortion is declared illegal in the United States. Brave Catholics will continue to stand for God’s Law until the crushing of all evil is completed. Brave Catholics will continue to fight Satan with that certainty of victory they have from Our Lady of Fatima: “ Finally, My Immaculate Heart will triumph!”