Reflections on the 2020 March for Life

by Daniel Slobodnik, 10th grade “Abortion is a woman’s right!” is a common slogan of today’s pro-abortion movement.  However, abortion is not a right and it does not have anything to do with rights. The 2020 March for Life clearly showed this. Women cry that they have no rights, but what about the screams of […]

Fighting Blasphemy in Canada

by John Wagner, 11th grade Six students from Saint Louis de Montfort Academy journeyed to Canada to uphold the second Commandment by defending Our Lord’s most sacred Name. Leaflets with the bold title: “Only Jesus gets no respect?” were distributed to hundreds of Canadians during the trip. It started at the Ottawa March for Life […]

The Third Annual New York Walk For Life

by Gregory LaMotte, 12th grade The third annual Walk for Life in New York City took place on the 25th of March. It was a very timely event because of the abomination which had taken place two months before. As is now general knowledge, Governor Cuomo of New York signed in a bill on January […]

March for Life In Annapolis Maryland

by John Wagner, 11th grade Four academy students had the privilege to defend the unborn residents of Maryland and the rest of the U.S. by marching with the Sedes Sapientiae Institute in the Annapolis March For Life. Playing patriotic hymns to encourage all of the enthusiastic marchers around us, we walked to the courthouse. It […]

Hiking the Valley of Ice

by John S. Wagner, 11th grade On the cold morning of January twenty-second, seven intrepid climbers departed to hike up the frozen valley basin of Ricketts Glen. Prepared with ice axes, poles, ropes, and crampons, we began the journey along a stream. The muffled sound of the creek under a thick blanket of ice accompanied us […]

The Academy Fights for the Unborn

By Gregory Alexander Howze, 11th grade What a better way than to spend a day marching for the unborn? That is what the students of the St. Louis de Montfort Academy did on Friday, January 18, 2019. The day started with the departure from the TFP headquarters in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. The students arrived in Washington, […]

An Uphill Battle

By Ross Deventer, 9th Grade It was a beautiful Sunday at the Academy. The weather was warm and sunny- a great day for an impromptu hike! Following Mass and brunch, we piled into the Academy bus and headed to the foot of our trail. As the last man jumped out, the bus rolled away, leaving us […]

Honoring First Responders at Kulpmont

By Brian DeForge, 9th Grade The morning of the 11th was cloudy; rain was unavoidable.  Piling on the bus, the St. Louis de Montfort Academy band prepared for the parade honoring the first responders of Kulpmont, PA. Two other bands from the Kulpmont area, a local youth football team and fire trucks, ambulances and police cars […]

Defending the Defenseless in Our Nation’s Capital

By Gregory LaMotte, 11th Grade On January 19th, 2018, was held the 45th annual March for Life in defense of the unborn. Ever since 1973, one year after the Roe vs. Wade decision to legalize abortion, the March for Life rallied and still draws thousands of American citizens to the cause of the defenseless unborn. […]