An Uphill Battle

By Ross Deventer, 9th Grade It was a beautiful Sunday at the Academy. The weather was warm and sunny- a great day for an impromptu hike! Following Mass and brunch, we piled into the Academy bus and headed to the foot of our trail. As the last man jumped out, the bus rolled away, leaving us […]

Honoring First Responders at Kulpmont

By Brian DeForge, 9th Grade The morning of the 11th was cloudy; rain was unavoidable.  Piling on the bus, the St. Louis de Montfort Academy band prepared for the parade honoring the first responders of Kulpmont, PA. Two other bands from the Kulpmont area, a local youth football team and fire trucks, ambulances and police cars […]

Defending the Defenseless in Our Nation’s Capital

By Gregory LaMotte, 11th Grade On January 19th, 2018, was held the 45th annual March for Life in defense of the unborn. Ever since 1973, one year after the Roe vs. Wade decision to legalize abortion, the March for Life rallied and still draws thousands of American citizens to the cause of the defenseless unborn. […]

Grand Canyon Pennsylvania

  By John Wagner, 10th Grade The students at St. Louis De Montfort Academy heard from one of their teachers, Mr. James, that their next excursion would be to Grand Canyon, PA. Backpacks were packed, machetes were sharpened, and canteens were filled with water to prepare the participants for their two-day hike. After riding in […]

9/11, The Academy Will Never Forget!

  By John Wagner, 10th Grade   The students at St. Louis De Montfort Academy remember the sobering attacks on American freedom during the 9/11 terrorist acts. In remembrance of the Heroic first responders that gave their lives for the innocent people in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the academy band traveled to […]

The Truth of the Catholic Church

By John Wagner, 9th Grade   “Did Jesus Christ deliberately found a visibly organized church?” Jesus Christ certainly founded a visibly organized church, the Catholic Church. Christ shows his care in the future of his mystical body, the Church, by choosing the men who would be faithful followers and do His will. Jesus chose Peter, the […]

Conquering Mt. Algonquin

By Gregory Murphy, 11th Grade At the beginning of March, five students from the Academy joined some TFP members in their quest to conquer Mt. Algonquin.  We drove throughout the day until we arrived in a cabin that we rented in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York.  The next morning was time for action.  […]

Mourning the Death of Father Archimandrite Constantine Belisarius

by Gabriel Fonticoba, 12th Grade On Sunday, November 27, 2016, Father Constantine Belisarius died. Just a couple weeks before, I got to meet Father Constantine. Father Constantine asked the Saint Louis de Montfort Academy if we would like to take his books as an addition to the Academy’s library. We readily agreed, and headed down […]

Pilgrimage to North American Martyrs Shrine

By Gabriel Fonticoba, 12th Grade On September 25th, the students and staff of the Saint Louis de Montfort Academy embarked on a trip to the North American Martyrs Shrine. The shrine is located in Auriesville, New York, and is where Saint Isaac Jogues and his companions landed. The trip up to New York took about […]

March for Life 2016: Battle against More Than One Foe

By Karol Jones At the March for Life in 2016, the Academy students and staff were able to test their mettle against more than one of the enemies of God. The impending blizzard of January 22nd, which caused so much havoc before and after the march, could have been an act from the devil. The […]